29/12/2012: Snow..and warm wind…bleurghh

So today is what you call a recovery day. Actually it is an enforced day off the hill. The snow is vanishing as quickly as it came because of the warm south westerlies. Gales are howling all around. The wind gauge hit 102mph on the summit of Cairngorm. A heart breaking state of affairs. When the westerlies hit they act like a super efficient wallpaper stripper. The only consolation I have is it is supposed to get colder over the next few days with some more snow. The mountains are open today (some only partially and late due to the conditions) but after a hectic week and the onset of a mild case of man flu I decided to take a break. Hoping to get back on the horse tomorrow – as always weather dependent. I therefore decided to waste away a few minutes of my day  looking for songs with the title “Wild is the Wind”…then changed a few of the words…because thats the way I roll sometimes.

Bon Jovi – Wild is the Wind

I tried to make you happy…

God knows I’ve tried so hard to be all that you hoped that I would be..

I gave you what you wanted..

God couldn’t give you what you need ..

you wanted more from me than I could ever be…

you wanted heart and soul…

but you didn’t know baby Wi iiiii iii ii iii ild wild is the wind

that takes snow  away from me

Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind

Love me, love me, love me, love me,

say you’ll snow,

let me fly away with you, for my love is like the wind, and wild is the wind,

wild is the wind, give me more than one snowflake,

satisfy this snow craziness.. let the wind blow through your heart,

for wild is the wind,

31/12/12: The MWIS weather forecast was not looking promising on Hogmanay (New Years Eve to you non-Scottish folk). It looked as if the nasty warm winds were going to continue and there would be no skiing. I had a quiet Hogmanay and was in bed by 11pm. Not like me at all. It’s the first time I can remember not partying to celebrate the last day of the year and welcome the new dawn. I must of had a feeling in my bones that the early night would pay dvidends.


01/01/13: I got up early on New Years Day more in hope than expectation. I was super happy to see that they had got the weather forecast totally wrong. I hastily packed the car and text my buddy Neil in Aviemore…he was looking for his mutt who had absconded and was amazed by the turnaround in the weather. I hopped in the car and zoomed north. An epic day was had. The best way possible to start the new year.


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