Run 10k with ski’s on your back to raise money for charity.. what idiot would think of such a stupid idea?.. Oh yeah..that was me. The Bank of Scotland great Scottish run was held this weekend. The half-marathon was on Saturday and I took part in the 10k today (Sunday). In true Glasgow style the place was absolutely buzzing. The crowds had come out in force to spur the thousands of runners on. I want to say particular thanks to all the “go ski dude” shouts and also to the tongue in cheek “you expecting bad weather?” or “the hills are the other way”. People definitely do make Glasgow.

People make Glasgow
People make Glasgow

It was a last minute decision to run (a week before the big day) but I decided to see if I could raise a little cash for a very worthwhile charity called Snow-Camp. Having worked with them once last winter I can personally vouch for the amazing job they do. They introduce Snow Sports to young people who would not normally get an opportunity to do so. Snow Camp use skiing and boarding as a stepping stone for improving young peoples lives. Developing skills and providing experiences that will stick with them for a lifetime. The more determined participants have the opportunity to be funded through instructor training programs. I reckoned if I was stupid enough to carry my ski’s round at least some people would part with their hard earned cash..even if only so they could see me in some pain! I will keep my fundraising page open just in case any of you kind souls decide to donate Just Giving Snow-Camp. Dig deep and help spread the ski love to those less fortunate than ourselves 🙂


The run went pretty well considering I had only done 3 practice runs. I finished in a time of 51mins 31seconds. 1673rd place (in the top 10%). Have to be pretty pleased about that. The last time I ran a 10k with my ski’s on my back to raise money it was for Disability Snowsport UK back in 2012. I totally destroyed my rucksack. It was worth the damage though – I raised GBP 1,027.00. I have also left the page from 2012 open for any future donations Just Giving Disability Snowsport UK.




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