Troll Peninsula (photo credit
Troll Peninsula (photo credit

Salomon Freeski TV have released their first episode of the season. It was filmed on location in Iceland. Skiers include Chris Rubens, Mark Abma and the late great Andreas Fransson. It features the Troll Peninsula and includes a first descent of Skidadalur on Burffelshyrna. The film highlights the beauty of the Icelandic landscape and gives a glimpse of the vast opportunities available for skiers that like to venture off the well trodden path.

The island is drawing more ski visitors each year and has a number of Heli Skiing operations including EA Heliskiing, Viking Heliskiing and Arctic Heliskiing. With more than 4000 square kilometres of breathtaking Arctic mountains on tap, and ready for the taking, you can understand why. Enjoy first descents of incredibly steep knee weakening couloirs or zoom down fun powder filled glaciers. You don`t need to have the  same desire to push the limits  as Mark Abma to have a great time there. Terrain is available to suit most abilities and risk appetites. North facing slopes hold on to great powder during the early season and from late spring to early summer perfect corn snow makes the region special.

Iceland isn`t all about the skiing though. With hot springs, volcanic activity,  lava fields, history (first ever parliament!), waterfalls (Gullfoss) and massive 4x4s it is as much about experiencing an amazing destination and culture as it is about the skiing!.


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