The legendary Glenn Plake spends some of his winter traveling round giving up his time to teach people one of his loves – ski technique. Well known for his larger than life character and hell raising younger (and older!) days he could now be at the forefront of another ski revolution after gaining his PSIA Level III pin – the back to skiing roots Technique Revolution!! In the below video he teaches people how to perform a tip roll.

“There are some traditions that built this sport that have been pushed away,” he says. “If there’s a revolution I’d like to be a part of, it’s bringing technique back.” (GrindTV)

Glenn Plake (
Glenn Plake (

“Focus on lost or forgotten ski techniques. Most beginner ballet skills are old school ski drills. Be open to everything you can possibly do on your skis. Play in the parks. Hone your skills. Develop new ones. Try stuff on skis. Ski moguls. Play games like human slalom and tilt-a-whirl. Never waste a cat track. ” (Skinet)

The below video takes a move straight out of a ski ballet routine and helps to reinforce his belief that technique and fun are where its at.


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