Teaching in the rain…what a wonderful feeling…I’m soaking again :)

Wowee what a lot of rain we have been having! Where is all the snow? I've been getting a bit confused lately - ski teacher or water skiing instructor? I am soggy in places that shouldn't be getting much for my totally awesome Bonfire pants. Maybe they are living up to their fiery name … Continue reading Teaching in the rain…what a wonderful feeling…I’m soaking again 🙂

First Snowfall of the 2014/15 Season!

Japan is always somewhere I have wanted to ski. In fact in 2006 I was offered a job teaching in Hokkaido. I had my visa at the ready and was champing at the bit to go. Circumstances however lead me to take up an instructor job at Silver Star mountain in British Colombia. I had tej best 3 winters of my life…however I always wonder…what if. Not. A healthy way to think. I am changing it now to..when I go. I am hoping to be able to take a trip out this winter and enjoy the amazingness of Hokkaidos bottomless powder.

Ezo Pow

Asahidake, September 16th 2014

Asahidake’s webcam this afternoon

I think this is the earliest first snowfall we’ve had in the past 5 years that I’ve been in Hokkaido. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, winter is still a looooong way off. Yesterday, less than 40km from the summit of Asahidake, the Ezopow crew were enjoying the sunshine and jumping into a mountain lake!

Not quite winter yet! Photo by Gin Saito

But its definitely cool to see the peaks covered in a little dusting of snow. In around two months time, we’ll hopefully be getting our first turns of the winter.

Asahidake and Daisetsuzan from Asahikawa.
Photo by Andy Seward

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JAPOW!! Niseko and Rusutsu – Japanese Dreams!

Niseko and Rusutsu - by John Homann Japan is one the most amazing places I have been to. They have a wonderful and respectful culture, great food and exceptional snow. Niseko United comprises four resorts on one mountain and has some really nice terrain.  I spent 12 days here and also at Rusutsu. I stayed … Continue reading JAPOW!! Niseko and Rusutsu – Japanese Dreams!

Three Days in Glencoe

Three days in Glencoe. Each one of them provided a unique story and experience. Wild one minute,  calm the next.  Glencoe is a wondrous place but be prepared for every eventuality. The five ski centres in Scotland all have unique characteristics. There is something rougher, readier and more adventurous about Glencoe Mountain. It is a … Continue reading Three Days in Glencoe

Vitamin fuelled veggie winter warmer!

Had a bit of time on my hands after yoga this morning and decided to try and be a little creative in the kitchen. A quick trip to Tescos to pick up some supplies and then some experimentation in the kitchen and voila - The Skischool TV Veggie Winter Warmer. Ingredients: 1x Squash Olive oil … Continue reading Vitamin fuelled veggie winter warmer!

Saami Kemi – Snow Sports Jacket

Can only the well established big guns produce high quality functional ski wear? That is the presumption the team at Saami are determined to dispell. They set themselves an awesome challenge.. to produce a product that can not only beat the big guns on price but also stick it to them when it comes to … Continue reading Saami Kemi – Snow Sports Jacket

Super Ski Apartment for Rent : Bansko, Bulgaria

The studio apartment is in the perfect location to make the most of your stay in Bansko. It is situated a short stroll from the main gondola adjacent to Bansko's premier 5* Hotel the Kempinski. The historic town centre is only a 10min walk away. There are numerous eateries and small shops nearby if … Continue reading Super Ski Apartment for Rent : Bansko, Bulgaria

The New Yorkers Ski Indoors for the first time

My cousin Mike and his great wee family were over from the Big Apple last week. Mike, like me, is a total ski nut. It has been far too many years since we last skied together in Beautiful British Colombia at Silver Star Mountain. It's nearing the end of summer in Scotland so not surprisingly … Continue reading The New Yorkers Ski Indoors for the first time

Ski Technique 1967

A fantastic instructional video from 1967 presented by the legendary Hans Kuwall filmed at Midlothian Snowsports Centre in Edinbugh. It is amazing how similar the general ski progression is. Not too much has changed over the last 50 years - familiarity with equipment on the flat, straight running, snowplough, snowplough turns, plough parallel (stem christiania) and parallel. However there are differences in the … Continue reading Ski Technique 1967

5 Beginners, 5 hours – Learning to ski in one day!

The key to the survival and growth of skiing as a sport is attracting and retaining new participants. It was therefore an honour to introduce 5 newbies to our awesome sport on 24th February through a product recently launched by Midlothian Snowsports Centre in Edinburgh - Learn to Ski in One Day! The group were … Continue reading 5 Beginners, 5 hours – Learning to ski in one day!

Glenshee…it’s a stupid grin sort of day!

Keeping a positive attitude and making the most of whatever the weather decides to throw at us is part and parcel of being a Scottish skier. Lets face it, every day in the snow is a stupid grin sort of day. Even if it's ridiculously grim out there! Saturday had provided a perfect bluebird day … Continue reading Glenshee…it’s a stupid grin sort of day!

Wild is the Wind…….New Years Day : 01/01/2013

29/12/2012: Snow..and warm wind...bleurghh So today is what you call a recovery day. Actually it is an enforced day off the hill. The snow is vanishing as quickly as it came because of the warm south westerlies. Gales are howling all around. The wind gauge hit 102mph on the summit of Cairngorm. A heart breaking … Continue reading Wild is the Wind…….New Years Day : 01/01/2013