Secret Mission : Christmas Eve Ski Tour – Cairngorm

I woke up at 5:15am on Christmas Eve softly kissed my other half goodbye and snuck out the house as quietly as I could....all systems go.....the mission was on. I blasted up the M90 from Edinburgh and then hit the A9 heading northbound. The radio hissed and crackled in between assaulting my ears with horrendous renditions of yester years Christmas … Continue reading Secret Mission : Christmas Eve Ski Tour – Cairngorm

Ski Fitness 1 – Balance, Coordination and Agility

It's Christmas Day and I've just eaten a truck load of chocolate and probably crammed enough food into my belly during lunch to feed a small town. Why am I posting a ski fitness video now? I must be insane!! The thought of jumping around in a gym is giving me a belly ache. However … Continue reading Ski Fitness 1 – Balance, Coordination and Agility

Scotland Rocks

The past three trips northwards have reinforced my belief that there is nothing on this planet more hardy, crazy, happy or determined than a Scottish skier. Our geographical location lends itself perfectly for constant weather turmoil. I am sure when the tectonic plates were getting shifted about and the planets weather systems began to develop Scotland was used as … Continue reading Scotland Rocks

Warren Miller – Flow State

A lovely bright sunny Edinburgh day. Really sad not to have been able to make it north on the opening weekend of the Scottish Ski season. Both Cairngorm and Lecht started mountain operations for the winter. There has been some nice initial snowfall which has been topped up by snow cannons. Luckily in Scotland there … Continue reading Warren Miller – Flow State

Plastic Fantastic 2 – The return of the mat

Well in typical fashion I was running a little late this morning. Why is it that when your late everything seems to conspire against you? I get to my car was frozen solid...then every traffic light I came to was red....aaaargh! I eventually got to the ski centre 4 minutes before my first lesson. … Continue reading Plastic Fantastic 2 – The return of the mat

Plastic Fantastic

This was my first proper weekend back teaching at Plastic Fantastic  - more commonly known as Midlothian Snowsports Centre, Hillend, Edinburgh. In typical Scottish style the weather was great one day...not so great the next. Saturday was an awesome cool crisp bluebird day. Sunday was a whole different kettle of fish. I thought I would need to build … Continue reading Plastic Fantastic

High altitude snow fun in Cervinia and Zermatt

Thank you alps for being high and having lovely glaciers that make it possible to ski pretty much year round. I was back on snow skiing in Cervinia (Aosta Valley, Italy) and Zermatt (Visp, Valais, Switzerland) from 4th to 10th November.   I took part in a performance course organised by Interski. A great way to jump start the 2012/2013 … Continue reading High altitude snow fun in Cervinia and Zermatt

Edinburgh 10k – DSUK – A run in the park with my ski’s

So today was the day...the day my ski's and I had a date with the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run. I think the event organisers must of heard I was carrying my trusty planks round with me and decided the route needed to be incorporate more hills....just to make it that wee bit more of a challenge.I woke up … Continue reading Edinburgh 10k – DSUK – A run in the park with my ski’s

My Two-bits on boots (by Darcy Trevelyan – Whistler Blackcomb Snow School)

At this time of year I start to think about replacing worn out equipment. Luckily the pre-season ski sales are in full swing. Shops are trying to offload last seasons models at knock down prices in order to make room for new stock. My friend Darcy is a highly respected instructor, coach and guide. He was kind enough to share his … Continue reading My Two-bits on boots (by Darcy Trevelyan – Whistler Blackcomb Snow School)

The poor misunderstood snowplough…

When dishing out cool the poor misunderstood snowplough (wedge) is so many degrees above freezing it has melted into a puddle of water. It certainly isn't the glamour puss of the ski world. It gets very little press. It doesn't thrill like a powder turn on the front cover of a magazine, or the high speed carve of a GS turn during a World Cup race, it is … Continue reading The poor misunderstood snowplough…

Early season start – Cervinia, Italy

I thought I would jumpstart the 2012/13 winter season by heading to Italy at the start of November to ski with some BASI trainers ( The majority of my ski training over the years has been done under the Canadian system CSIA ( and CSCF ( so I am really excited to get a different … Continue reading Early season start – Cervinia, Italy

“Further” to the “Blizzard of Aahhh’s”

Whenever I feel uncontrollable hunger pangs for some snowy action, but am unable to strap my planks on, I crack open a ski or snowboard movie. I throw it in the machine.. sit back .. and get taken away to a happier place. A world full of beautiful scenery and amazing action. Guys and girls … Continue reading “Further” to the “Blizzard of Aahhh’s”

Daily Record Interview…

I was interviewed by the Daily Record newspaper a few days ago. On 7th October I'm taking part in the Edinburgh 10k to raise some well needed cash for Disability Snowsports UK .( If you are feeling charitable then please donate through my just giving page ( It really is an exceptionally worthwhile cause. Today … Continue reading Daily Record Interview…