Ski Better! Separation is good for you!

One of the keys to developing skiing beyond the intermediate plateau is the ability to use the lower body independently of the upper body. This is commonly known as separation. Leading the turning effort with the lower body is the most efficient and controlled way to ski. It is a fundamental skill required to ski bumps, steeps, powder, … Continue reading Ski Better! Separation is good for you!


Ski Tricks 1: How to Tip Roll – Glenn Plake

The legendary Glenn Plake spends some of his winter traveling round giving up his time to teach people one of his loves - ski technique. Well known for his larger than life character and hell raising younger (and older!) days he could now be at the forefront of another ski revolution after gaining his PSIA … Continue reading Ski Tricks 1: How to Tip Roll – Glenn Plake

Developing control in steeps

Self preservation is a natural reaction when nerves take hold. In an unfamiliar environment such as steep terrain with variable snow conditions it's easy to become a defensive skier - relying on braking and skidding to control your descent. Heavy edge sets combined with rapidly turning your ski's from side to side like a set … Continue reading Developing control in steeps

Ski Technique 1967

A fantastic instructional video from 1967 presented by the legendary Hans Kuwall filmed at Midlothian Snowsports Centre in Edinbugh. It is amazing how similar the general ski progression is. Not too much has changed over the last 50 years - familiarity with equipment on the flat, straight running, snowplough, snowplough turns, plough parallel (stem christiania) and parallel. However there are differences in the … Continue reading Ski Technique 1967

The poor misunderstood snowplough…

When dishing out cool the poor misunderstood snowplough (wedge) is so many degrees above freezing it has melted into a puddle of water. It certainly isn't the glamour puss of the ski world. It gets very little press. It doesn't thrill like a powder turn on the front cover of a magazine, or the high speed carve of a GS turn during a World Cup race, it is … Continue reading The poor misunderstood snowplough…