Good stance and balance provide the foundation of great skiing. A centred and mobile stance enables a skier to quickly make balance adjustments in order to deal with any situation. Good stance is therefore very rarely static. It changes depending on speed, snow conditions, terrain and body shape.

pow jump turn

Stance – The way a skier stands on their skis. The alignment of the body with the goal of providing stability and mobility.

Balance – Lateral, Vertical, fore-aft, rotational.

Good stance:

  • Athletic and ready for action
  • Horizontal eye line
  • Feet hip width apart
  • Even flexion at the ankle, knee and hip.
  • Balance over the entire foot when sliding straight downhill.
  • Arms out in front and to the sides (hands should always be in your peripheral vision).

Centred and ready for action

low athletic stance

A narrow stance increases mobility. A wider stance provides stability. Below Robyn has narrowed her stance to enable her to be more agile in soft bumpy snow.

Robyn Stance and balance

At higher speeds on harder snow a wider stance increases stability.

Wide stance for stability

race 2




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