Iceland – Land of Fire, Ice and Heli-Skiing!

Salomon Freeski TV have released their first episode of the season. It was filmed on location in Iceland. Skiers include Chris Rubens, Mark Abma and the late great Andreas Fransson. It features the Troll Peninsula and includes a first descent of Skidadalur on Burffelshyrna. The film highlights the beauty of the Icelandic landscape and gives a glimpse … Continue reading Iceland – Land of Fire, Ice and Heli-Skiing!


Scotland Rocks

The past three trips northwards have reinforced my belief that there is nothing on this planet more hardy, crazy, happy or determined than a Scottish skier. Our geographical location lends itself perfectly for constant weather turmoil. I am sure when the tectonic plates were getting shifted about and the planets weather systems began to develop Scotland was used as … Continue reading Scotland Rocks