Teaching in the rain…what a wonderful feeling…I’m soaking again :)

Wowee what a lot of rain we have been having! Where is all the snow? I've been getting a bit confused lately - ski teacher or water skiing instructor? I am soggy in places that shouldn't be getting wet...so much for my totally awesome Bonfire pants. Maybe they are living up to their fiery name … Continue reading Teaching in the rain…what a wonderful feeling…I’m soaking again ūüôā


Ski Technique 1967

A fantastic instructional video¬†from 1967¬†presented by¬†the legendary Hans Kuwall filmed at Midlothian Snowsports Centre¬†in Edinbugh. It is amazing how similar the general ski progression is.¬†Not too much has changed¬†over the last 50 years - familiarity with equipment on the flat, straight running, snowplough, snowplough turns, plough parallel (stem christiania) and parallel. However¬†there are¬†differences in the … Continue reading Ski Technique 1967

Plastic Fantastic 2 – The return of the mat

Well in typical fashion I was running a little late this morning. Why is it that when your late everything seems to conspire against you? I get to my car and....it was frozen solid...then every traffic light I came to was red....aaaargh! I eventually got to the ski centre 4 minutes before my first lesson. … Continue reading Plastic Fantastic 2 – The return of the mat

Plastic Fantastic

This was my first proper weekend back teaching at Plastic Fantastic¬† - more commonly known as Midlothian Snowsports Centre, Hillend, Edinburgh. In typical Scottish style the weather was great one day...not so great the next. Saturday was an awesome¬†cool crisp bluebird day. Sunday was a whole different kettle of fish. I thought¬†I would need to¬†build … Continue reading Plastic Fantastic

Early season start – Cervinia, Italy

I thought I would jumpstart the 2012/13 winter season by heading to Italy at the start of November to ski with some BASI trainers (www.basi.org.uk). The majority of my ski training over the years has been done under the Canadian system CSIA (www.snowpro.com) and CSCF (http://www.canskicoach.org) so I am really excited to get a different … Continue reading Early season start – Cervinia, Italy