Finnish Wonderland! Ruka and Pyha Opening day!!

The first non-glacial ski resort to open for the season in the Northern Hemisphere is........ Ruka in Finland 🙂 The mountain opened today,17th October, a few hours ahead of Arahapoe Basin in Colorado. Ruka is one of the largest ski resorts in Finland and has one of the longest seasons in Europe (October - May). Ruka … Continue reading Finnish Wonderland! Ruka and Pyha Opening day!!


Scotland Rocks

The past three trips northwards have reinforced my belief that there is nothing on this planet more hardy, crazy, happy or determined than a Scottish skier. Our geographical location lends itself perfectly for constant weather turmoil. I am sure when the tectonic plates were getting shifted about and the planets weather systems began to develop Scotland was used as … Continue reading Scotland Rocks