I was interviewed by the Daily Record newspaper a few days ago. On 7th October I’m taking part in the Edinburgh 10k to raise some well needed cash for Disability Snowsports UK .(http://www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk/). If you are feeling charitable then please donate through my just giving page (www.justgiving.com/Alasdair-ross). It really is an exceptionally worthwhile cause. Today the paper sent a photographer round to take some snaps of me running along the canal. A really friendly guy called Gordon Jack – thats him in the pink belowImagewww.jackphoto.co.uk

I will be interested to see how the pictures turn out and more importantly if getting in the paper helps to raise more money for the charity. It’s kind of an odd story how it all came about. When applying for the 10k there was a question asking why I was doing the run. I explained that I was recovering from a ski injury and really wanted to run my first race post op to raise some money for a charity close to my heart. Next thing I know BUPA were on the phone asking if they could share my story with the local media. A very interesting day overall!


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