I thought I would jumpstart the 2012/13 winter season by heading to Italy at the start of November to ski with some BASI trainers (www.basi.org.uk). The majority of my ski training over the years has been done under the Canadian system CSIA (www.snowpro.com) and CSCF (http://www.canskicoach.org) so I am really excited to get a different perspective on this wonderful sport. I am Scottish. The majority of my instructor friends from the UK therefore have BASI qualifications. I like to be different I guess!


My first skiing qualification was an ASSI (Artificial Ski Slope Instructor). I did this through Snowsport Scotland.


This was a great introduction to teaching and meant I was able to take my first step into the ski industry. The basis of this couse was BASI theory and practice. In fact nowadays the ASSI qualification has been swallowed up and is incorporated and run by BASI. Doing the ASSI was one of the smartest things I ever did. It meant I could teach on the artificial slopes in the UK. I therefore taught evenings and weekends at Midlothian Snowsports Centre (Hillend) in Edinburgh. It gave me some extra cash in my wallet and more importantly experience. At the centre I got to teach adults, kids, beginners, racers, intermediates, nervous skiers, disabled skiers, extroverts, introverts, awesome pupils, total pains in the ass, grannies, burly men and yummy mummies.




When I get to Italy I will be spending a week skiing with Interski. A week of training to get my ski legs back up and running after a prolonged lay off. Really looking forward to strapping my planks back on.


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